Elise Museles / Kale & Chocolate

Elise Museles (formerly known as Kale & Chocolate) is on a mission to help you find your food story. Everyone has a food story, and knowing yours can impact your health and diet. She’s helped thousands of women change their food stories, and is looking to do the same for all women!

Project Snapshot:

Client: Elise Museles (formerly Kale & Chocolate)
Goal: Create a brand that’s vibrant and excites people to learn more about their food story.
Services: Brand Identity, Web Design and Development, Social Media Rollout, Marketing Collateral
Touchpoints: Branding, Website, Social Media, Recipe Cards, Podcast

Project Highlights:

We not only helped rebrand Elise Museles’ brand, but also helped make it possible for her to launch a podcast!

Elise Museles’ podcast, Once Upon a Food Story, has drawn in hundreds of listeners weekly.


- Elise Museles, Founder