Kyoto, Japan

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Kyoto. Feel your body relax just saying the name.
When you think of Japan, you probably think of something hi-tech or cutting edge, and sooo many people it stresses you out. Try to re-wire your brain, and just think of Kyoto. It's a large city, but a peaceful one, where everyone rides bikes everywhere (it's quite flat so it's super easy! And you can ride on the sidewalk so there's no fear of getting hit by a car), there's temples everywhere you look, and bookshops, cute cafe's and wine bars with fascinating stories to tell. Kyoto has an energy I didn't expect to find in Japan. It's mellow vibe is definitely something I could jive to. There was definitely a cool nightlife scene there too, but we didn't venture much beyond a cool jazzy wine bar, and a Beatles bar, which is fine by me!

Some highlights include:

  1. Riding our rented bikes down the Philosopher's Path, where we got to check out a bunch of cool temples, restaurants and shops along the way.

  2. Trying some delicious Ramen and Sushi and connecting with our awesome waitress that spoke perfect spanish!

  3. Zen-ing out with our amazing yoga instructor Mark Shvemia (who translated our entire class) at Studio Bindu.

  4. Discovering the most adorable coffee shops, such as Cafe Bibliotic Hello!

  5. Asking for a restaurant recommendation and getting WALKED right up to the door to an amazing sushi conveyor belt restaurant.

  6. Making friends that don't speak english via Beatles songs in a cute Omiya Dori izakaya.

  7. From these friends' recommendation, visiting Lennon Bar.

  8. Meeting up with some lovely Bostonian Bros walking along the Fushimi Inari Shrine! (we met up with them again later in Tokyo!)

C.C.JayoJapan, Kyoto, Asia