Alberobello, Italy

Funny little cone-shaped stone houses have made Alberobello a quaint tourist destination town in the East coast of Italy. We drove all the way from Rome through fields and fields of olive trees and vineyards to get to this adorable place that looks like it was taken straight out of a fairytale. 

We stayed in the more ancient part of town, inside one of the stone houses they call “trullis” which are uniquely local to this area of Italy. With over 1500 trullis, Alberobello has the largest concentration of these quirky houses in the world. Some still have ancient keyholes and barred windows, while others have been renovated to become more comfortable for its new residents and tourists. 

It's a really great site to see, all these hobbit-esque white houses with their little cone-shaped rooftops placed along winding cobble stone passageways - there's really nothing else like it.