Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is Kings Landing. Shame stairs and all. No joke, Game of Thrones was filmed all over this town. I’m so glad our Hawaiian friends urged us to go there because WOW it’s sooooo gorgeous!! It was my favourite stop in Croatia and I’m still dreaming about it. Everything there was absolutely magical and the pictures don’t even do it justice. We stayed in an adorable airbnb with grapevines in the patio and just a short walk away from the center. We made friends with some cool Spanish musicians that ended up serenading us songs until the break of dawn which by the way is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING in Dubrovnik and if you can do it, it’s a MUST. We had octopus burgers in a nicely designed family-run restaurant and we made friends with a girl that worked in a wine bar. She later left the bar open for us that night when the other bars were closing and we ended up having a real FIESTA with the Spanish music, the delicious wine and all the new friends we made. Absolutely unforgettable.