Orléans & les Châteaux de la Loire

Orléans took me by surprise with its beauty. We took a stroll around the old town and admired the majestic cathedral 'Ste-Croix’ and the half-timbered architecture sprinkled across the city. Our friend Marine went to boarding school here, so she was the perfect tour guide. We were sipping on some wine, dangling our feet to the Loire river, when some live music called us to the dance floor. We danced our feet off until the night took over, and after all that, a good meal was in order! So we walked back into the old city, and decidedly stuffed our faces with delicious tartines and foie gras. 

After checking out Orléans, the next “must” in the Loire Valley area is of course to check out the beautiful Chateaux! 'Chateau de Chenonceau’ is by far the prettiest castle I’ve ever seen. It was mostly used by women (kings’ mistresses and/or widows) so it definitely has a nice feminine touch. The castle, even with its beautiful arches that cross the Cher River, is of a size that when compared to other overly-lavish estates, feels surprisingly cozy and actually quite liveable. It also looks just like a castle straight out of a Disney movie - mommy can I be a princess now?! One of the most impressive parts is getting lost in the maze garden designed by Catherine de’ Medici. If you ever visit, give it a try and see if you can find your way out without any breadcrumbs!