How to Use Emojis to Relate To Your Customers


Emojis are just little 32x32 pixel images, and yet can say so much. In recent years, they’ve become a cultural phenmomenon and can be seen pretty much everywhere. There’s even a World Emoji Day (July 17th). The number of emojis is constantly growing too, So what makes these bite-sized images so relatable, and how do you use them to relate to your customers?

  1. They are universally understood. Emojis are most known for being colorful little images that most importantly, convey universal meanings. This helps to ensure your messaging is clear and concise, all packed into your choice of emojis.

  2. Liven up text. Which would you rather read, a wall of text or text with fun emojis? For most people, probably the latter. In marketing, they’re most effectively used to help your email campaigns or your Instagram posts stand out in a sea of text. Try them out in your next marketing communications!

  3. More relatable brand voice. Since emojis have become so mainstream, people use them in their everyday lives to communicate with friends and family. This is where as a brand, you can really create a personable voice that can easily connect with your customers. This in turn can build brand trust, and in turn lead to increased sales.

  4. Less text, more images = easier to read. By breaking up the text with emojis, it makes your messaging easier to read. Sometimes, emojis can even be used cleverly in lieu of text for a fun way to say the same thing but with less text.

Of course, emojis aren't appropriate for every brand or every audience for that matter. However, if you can incorporate them we definitely recommend it!