Full-service Creative Design Studio,

Our name: "Hi," and "Yo" can be the start of a conversation, and we want to help you develop your brand’s conversation. With inventive storytelling and impactful design – whether it's through a brand new identity system, a shiny new website, a social media channel, logo, marketing campaign, business card, or even a coffee mug – we can help you uncover your own brand story and share it with the world!



Our design process varies depending on each of our client's individual needs.
At HIYO DESIGN, we have a skilled team prepared to tackle any part of the branding and design process. We've helped our clients discover new sides to their own brands by means of ideation, research, strategy, naming, wire-framing, creating mood boards and sketches, creating logos and icons, websites, apps, stationary, branded experiences, merchandise and more!

At times we also partner with other creative agencies as added design support.


Interested in starting a project? We can provide all you need digitally, but if you would like to meet us in person, we're available in Brooklyn, New York, Miami, Florida or San Juan, Puerto Rico.


What makes us special:

Women-led & Multicultural.
We are proud to be a women-led company that is multicultural, multi-lingual and open to all.

We want to inspire positive change.
Our team is full of yogis and nature lovers, which makes us a perfect fit for wellness design and working with brands that are making efforts to improve our world.

Keep it simple, keep it classy.
The best design is free of clutter and delivers a crystal clear message. We strive to deliver simple, high-quality work that will set your brand up for success!

We talk like humans.
There's no need for advertising jargon knowledge or an Oxford dictionary here - we’re not that pretentious. If the point is to be understood, let’s talk like friends. Authenticity is very important to us, which is why we believe that by fostering real relationships, they’re able to grow to make beautiful longterm partnerships.

Live for today, design for tomorrow.
At HIYO Design, we believe in being present and living in the moment. Our designs however, are always made to be timeless. We take design thinking two steps forward by considering all future possibilities for your brand to grow.