Continued Web Support

When we finish a web design project we provide the option of continued support for general web maintenance and any small edits that may come up as your brand evolves. If you’d prefer to handle it on your end, we offer a quick training session to get your team up-to-speed.

Weekly Tasks:

  • Set Up Weekly Automatic Backups

  • Plugins/Extensions/CMS Updates

  • Fix Any Broken Links

  • Upload Weekly Content

  • Respond to Customer Requests/Inquiries

Monthly Tasks:

  • Review Website Analytics

  • Compare Against Goals

  • Tweak Strategy/CTA's as Needed

  • Upload Monthly/Seasonal Content

  • Check for 404 (Page not found) errors and fix link or set up redirect

Quarterly Tasks:

  • Check Page Load Speed

  • Test Site On Different Browsers & Devices

  • Ensure any Dated Content is Up­ to­ Date

  • Revise Keyword Strategy

  • Review and Tweak Title Tags

  • Review and Update Meta Descriptions

  • Test Forms & Automated Messages

  • Check Security

  • Backlink Analysis

  • Test Latest Backup

  • Check for Potential UX Improvements

  • Review Company Contact Information & Update as Needed

Yearly Tasks:

  • Update Copyright Date in Footer & any Other Date References

  • Review Each Page of Website for Content Accuracy

  • Review Terms & Conditions or Policies

  • Renew Website Domain & Hosting as Needed

  • Review Overall Web Strategy

  • Examine the Overall Design of Site

  • Check that the sitemap.xml file is automatically updating.

  • Submit it to search engines if necessary.