Where it all started

Ceci and Cristi Jayo had built a successful career in branding and design in top agencies in New York City. Cristi worked at FCB Worldwide with many corporate, consumer, and healthcare brands including Busch Gardens, Jamaica Tourism Board, Plan-B, Opdivo, and Amtrak. Meanwhile, Ceci worked at CBX creating packaging designs and branding for Fortune 500 companies including Snapple, 7up, Orville popcorn, Rite Aid, Conagra, Mars Chocolate, Big Heart Pet Brands and more. They loved (and still love!) the big apple and the work they were producing, but something was missing: the flexibility to travel.


They decided to team up, quit their jobs and form HIYO DESIGN. This allowed them to work remotely and travel the world at the same time. They spent 6 months globe trotting around the world and were tremendously inspired by the many international innovations and designs they encountered. Now they're most likely found jumping between San Juan, Miami, New York, California, Madrid or Berlin. In doing this, they've formed a strong network of talented people from across the world, who they team up with to produce amazing work.

At HIYO DESIGN we encourage our team members to have the flexibility to travel and work at the same time. We believe this promotes fresh, new ideas that no static agency could ever provide. With people working on different time zones, our international network allows for quick turn-arounds and offers a global perspective on design. 

Feel free to read a bit about our travels here.