Where it all started

Ceci and Cristi Jayo had built successful careers in branding and design in top agencies in New York City. Cristi worked at FCB Worldwide, designing for many corporate, consumer, and healthcare brands including Busch Gardens, Jamaica Tourism Board, Plan-B, Opdivo, and Amtrak. Meanwhile, Ceci worked at CBX creating branding and packaging designs for Fortune 500 companies including Snapple, 7up, Orville popcorn, Rite Aid, Conagra, Mars Chocolate, Big Heart Pet Brands and more. They loved (and still love!) the big apple and the work they were producing, but the corporate world was limiting their creativity. Being stuck in the same desk everyday and dealing with the bureaucratic corporate system seemed inefficient, uninspiring and outdated.

The same corporate structures that were crushing their creativity were also clearly limiting the clients' profit opportunities.

It was a lose-lose situation.

In an effort to "fix this broken system" Ceci and Cristi decided to team up and form HIYO DESIGN. This allowed them to work more efficiently and provide a truly cost-effective solution for their clients. On top of that, they were now able to work remotely, travel the world, and get the inspiration they were seeking. 

They spent 6 months globe trotting through Europe and Asia, and were in constant awe of the beautiful nature, international innovations and foreign designs they encountered.

They also discovered that many of their new clients found their direct, personal and strategic work-ethic to be refreshing and innovative. By allowing the creative mind some freedom, they were able to generate more original ideas and maximize their focus, productivity and problem-solving skills.


Now, they've inspired a group of like-minded and talented individuals to join them on their journey.

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Cristi (based in Brooklyn, NYC) and Ceci (based in South Beach, Miami), lead a team of creative digital nomads that all align on the same goals of providing the best quality work for our clients with a global perspective in mind.

Together, they ensure quality is kept to our high HIYO DESIGN standard - making sure that every visual decision is done with a clear strategic foundation. They've also formed a strong extended network of talented people from across the world, who they team up with to produce amazing work.

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How we got our name

“Hi” & "Yo" can be the start of a conversation, and that’s what we offer to our clients. Through enticing visuals and thoughtful copywriting, we help brands develop a voice that accurately communicates their brand story, values and goals.

Fun fact: The name also is a phonetic play on “Jayo” the last name of our founders (it’s a Spanish name, so the “J” sounds like an “H”.. it’s actually Basque if you want to go down that rabbit hole)