Ko Phi Phi & the Beach from "The Beach"

We heard a lot of mixed reviews about Ko Phi Phi from people we met during our travels but the slight chance that we wouldn't think it was amazing didn't stop us from going to check it out! One big motivational factor was that we wanted to go explore the famous beach featured in the movie "The Beach" (based on the 1996 novel by Alex Garland).

Ko Phi Phi was definitely an "adult playground" in a sense, filled with tourists and tours, but that didn't mean the playground wasn't fun, nor the tours filled with breathtaking landscapes and fun activities. Seriously. I'm not a "tour person" and most of the time I completely avoid them, but this time, it was worth it.

Our tour took us to Monkey Beach, where we got to play with adorable monkeys for a bit, then to Maya Beach AKA: The beach from the film "The Beach", then we went snorkeling in two other spots before returning to the mainland. It was a fun-filled day and we got to see some incredibly beautiful beaches, rock formations, colorful fish and monkeys! :)

That night we were surprised with a rooftop viewing of, believe it or not, "The Beach" – quite the cherry on top of a great day! We stumbled into some of the friends we met back in Pai and we all went out for drinks on the beach with a view of the stars and fire performers.