Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb. Our last stop in Croatia. And our last stop with Marine. After this, Marine will go back to France and we will move on to Serbia. It's so sad to say goodbye after so many good times together! But I know we will meet again soon, so I will wipe the tears off of my laptop's keyboard and I'll tell you a bit about Zagreb. 

Zagreb is a really cool city! It has a pretty large metropolitan area and a smaller historical center filled with cute pedestrian streets and beautiful architecture. There's also a cute strip with fun bars and restaurants. In the old town, we found a super quirky shop with unique jewellery and other trinkets called PMS: Prostor Manufakturne Slobode (that's Croatian for Manufacturing Space of Freedom). The eclectic lady that runs the shop told us about a live blues concert that was happening that night in Zagreb’s oldest tavern. Sure enough, we found Pod Starim Krovovima (another odd name which translates to "Under the Old Roofs") and all its surrounding bohemian crowd. It felt like we were transported back in time in that cozy tavern that reeked of beer and cigarettes. Everyone was smoking inside (because that’s what people do in Eastern Europe) and the blues-y tunes were heartfelt and soulful. It was an incredible experience and I’m so glad we went!