4 Tips to Help you Achieve “Freelance Freedom”


SO, you want a taste of the good life eh?

Being a digital nomad has been my dream come true, so I don’t blame you for wanting to join the #FreelanceFreedom, but in order to get here, you need to be smart about it.

Here are my top tips for makin’ it happen:


Don’t worry. I’m not taking about a ridiculous “trust-fund-financed influencer,I just mean you CAN’T drop the ball on your finances if you’re trying to be free. You need to get a bookkeeper and/or bookkeeping/invoicing software like Zipbooks, Quickbooks or Wave. DON’T AVOID THIS STEP (I did for the longest time, and it’s one of those things I wish I did differently)


Prep by having some go-to time-saving resources handy. This could differ a lot depending on what you’re offering, but in our case, we have a Dropbox filled with design templates, mockups, project workflows, images & more!

Elevator pitch

Know your pitch by heart and constantly improve it. You never know who -out of all the people you meet- could be a potential client.

Expand, elevate 

Always keep a mindset of learning & growth. You will never stop learning, so enjoy the process! Staying up to date with industry trends = providing the best quality for your clients. Then you can focus on expanding you offerings and/or elevating your existing capabilities.