8 things that are WAY cheaper in Europe


For all you fools thinking that Europe is fancy and you “can’t afford to travel”: Here’s my list of things that are waaaay cheaper in Europe than in USA.

1. Groceries - 30€ can feed 2 for a week It’s also usually high quality, local, organic & sustainable.

2. Alcohol - a 2€ nice glass of Rioja in Spain comes with free food..and in Germany the beer is cheaper than WATER.

3. Coffee - So you can comfortably spend all afternoon judging people in Paris. ☕️

4. Flights - A flight from London to Greece can cost as cheap as $13!!!!!! Also, flying from NYC to Europe these days is as cheap as flying from NYC to North Carolina.

5. Housing - My flat in the CENTER of Madrid was €500/mo... in NYC that would EASILY be $2k/mo

6. Phone Plans - Beyond having cheap unlimited month-to-month plans, you also don’t get slammed with crazy roaming costs.

7. Medical Care - You know when you think twice about getting medical treatment because you know it’ll cost you an arm and a leg? PUN INTENDED. Well in Europe, aside from it costing at least half the price, the focus is also on preventative care so you end up needing to go less anyway!

8. Eating Out - We discussed how cheap groceries are but you don’t even neeeedd to buy groceries to save $, because eating out is super cheap too!

(PS: this is Europe vs. USA, I’ll write another post about how much I can buy in Southeast Asia for the price of one New York cocktail )....