Team Onboarding

Welcome to the team! We’re so happy to have you with us. Please follow the steps listed below to get started.


STEP 1: Tell us about yourself

STEP 2: Sign our agreement

Click on the first button to request an agreement from the team via email. Once you’ve signed it, use the second button to submit the signed form. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

STEP 3: Family values

Please triple-check you’re informed on our company values, expectations and T&C’s:

STEP 4: Legal stuff

Please fill out this W9 Form, we might have to use it for tax stuff, depending on total payments by the end of the year.

✔ You can sign it digitally with a PDF viewer or print it out, sign & scan.

Section 3: If you're newly a freelancer and unsure what to check, use the first box (Individual)

STEP 5: Almost done! Now for the fun part.. (video tutorials 😆)

Team Portal

This is your go-to place for quick access to mockups, templates, guidelines, travel notices, expenses & more. You can easily access it on our Website navigation: Login > Team Portal (if you didn’t already, watch the video in Step 6 for an overview)

To access, log in with: HIYO123

Asana (Project Management)

Asana is the place where we organize all our projects. The ‘Company Hub’ channel is similar to our Team Portal because it offers easy-access to resources, events, and team & client info. We will add you to whatever projects you’re working on and assign you to-do’s to complete. Check off items as you complete them to stay on track with your projects.

Pro-Tip: Go to My Profile Settings > Hacks > and switch on ‘Browser Notifications’ so you don’t miss anything!

video Block
Double-click here to add a video by URL or embed code. Learn more

Flock (Company Chat)

Flock is the replacement to "come by my desk". It’s the quickest way to get ahold of someone in the team. We share GIFs and life things beyond just the work stuff so feel free to make yourself at home with Flock.

Pro-Tip: To start a video call just type “/appear”
(video chatrooms allow up to 4 people at a time)


Zipbooks (Time Tracker)

We use Zipbooks to track our time. This is super important because it ensures we are all working efficiently and we’re billing our clients accurately.

How to log your time:

  • Start the timer when you start working.

  • Select the Project & Client from the dropdown, and add the Task as the description.

  • There's also a mobile app, but it’s REALLY buggy so please use the desktop version until they roll out an update.

Dropbox (Cloud Storage)

We use Dropbox as our “cloud storage” to keep all our clients’ files safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. Please make sure to always provide all your latest files (including working files) so we can keep everything up-to-date.

File Nomenclature:

Broken down, this means:
Client code, Project name, Round, Version (there are some cases that vary slightly, ask if you have questions!)

Example for the client “Wanderlust” and let’s say the project is called “2019 Winter Digital Banners”:


Wait! If you’re joining the Core Team…

As a core member, there might be times when you need to email directly with a client. This is the email you should be using for anything client-facing. Don’t worry, you can keep your personal email for our apps (Flock/Asana/Zipbooks).