Values & Expectations

How we make working together M.A.G.I.C.A.L.

M - Multicultural & Women-led.
We are proud to be a women-led company that is multicultural, multi-lingual and open to all. No hate, racism, sexism, or judgement allowed!

A - Always talk like a human.
There's no need for advertising jargon knowledge or an Oxford dictionary here - we’re not that pretentious. If the point is to be understood, let’s talk like friends. Authenticity is very important to us, which is why we believe that by fostering real relationships, they’re able to grow to make beautiful longterm partnerships.

G - Get out there.
We’ve lived it, and we’ve seen the immense benefits that traveling gives to one emotionally, spiritually and creatively. We encourage our team to travel and get out of their comfort zone, as a very hands-on approach to gain a global perspective, promote brain activity, improve social and communication capabilities, fortify creativity and enhance problem-solving skills.

I - Inspire positive change.
Our team is full of yogis and nature lovers, which makes us a perfect fit for wellness design and working with brands that are making efforts to improve our world.

C - Clean, minimal, high-quality design.
The best design is free of clutter and delivers a crystal clear message. We strive to deliver simple, high-quality work that will set brands up for success!

A - Answer-seekers.
We’re not only problem-solvers, we stay ahead of the curve by proactively seeking solutions to problems that might come up later and staying up-to-date with latest industry standards, trends & best-practices.

L - Live for today & design for tomorrow.
At HIYO DESIGN, we believe in being present, and living in the moment. Our designs however, are always made to be timeless. We take design thinking two steps forward by considering all future possibilities for brands to flourish.

What We expect from our Clients

✔ HIYO Clients agree to deliver feedback on-time & in an organized, consolidated fashion.

✔ HIYO Clients agree to submit edit requests via our REVISION REQUEST FORM.

✔ HIYO Clients value HIYO DESIGN as a partner not a vendor, and understand this is a mutually beneficial relationship.

✔ HIYO Clients assume full responsibility for hiring our team, and therefore will respectfully compensate the HIYO DESIGN TEAM for all work completed by paying due invoices in a timely manner.

✔ HIYO Clients respect HIYO DESIGN’s office hours (M-F 9am-5pm ET) & respect their right to have time off for holidays and vacations.

✔ HIYO Clients abide by appropriate calling/texting expectations & agree to keep communication out of scheduled times to a minimum.

✔ HIYO Clients understand that any unused hours for retainer contracts do not roll-over.

✔ HIYO Clients understand that HIYO DESIGN handles a LOT of files, and will eventually need to delete old files. Therefore, clients agree to download and store delivered files safely.

✔ HIYO Clients understand professional design projects take time when done right. Knowing this, clients will allow at least a 24 hour turnaround time for any given request.

✔ HIYO Clients understand that deviating from set processes could result in delayed timelines & increases in price.