Full-service Creative Design Studio,

At our core, we’re Strategic Designers–our main objective is to solve problems. Our designs are not just a form of expression, they support function, and get you results. To top it off, we’ve cut the office out of the picture and gone fully nomadic. So you’ll get Agency quality and expertise without the overhead mark-up.



…or business owners that want to scale with a realistic budget.


…that need support, without the stress that comes with finding it.


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What makes us DIFFERENT:

An Entrepreneurial Approach.
We know the process of creating, launching & maintaining a successful brand can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and requires a ton of different skillsets. We remove the stress and guesswork by delivering comprehensive design services from a team that offers both an artistic touch AND a business-savvy mindset.

Women-led & Multicultural.
We are proud to be a women-led company that is multicultural, multi-lingual and open to all.

We want to inspire positive change.
Our team is full of yogis and nature lovers, which makes us a perfect fit for wellness design and working with brands that are making efforts to improve our world.

Keep it simple, keep it classy.
The best design is free of clutter and delivers a crystal clear message. We strive to deliver simple, high-quality work that will set your brand up for success!

We talk like humans.
There's no need for advertising jargon or an Oxford dictionary here - we’re not that pretentious. Authenticity is very important to us, which is why we believe in fostering real relationships, that grow into beautiful longterm partnerships.

Live for today, design for tomorrow.
At HIYO Design, we believe in being present and living in the moment. Our designs however, are always made to be timeless. We take design thinking two steps forward by considering all future possibilities for your brand to grow.

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