Kuta & the Final Sunset Surf Sesh

Once we took off to Kuta, we started to see a new face to Bali. Kuta has a rawness that we didn't see in Ubud, but I was definitely into it. At some points Ubud felt almost "too clean" and polished up for tourists (probably due to the mounds of people that started pouring in after EAT, PRAY, LOVE.) There's a crazy nightlife scene and scooters and motorcycles buzzing around all over the place in Kuta. The surfer community is also very present in the shops, restaurants, and on the beach! So much so, we decided to go for a surf and made some really good friends with a local crew of surfer guys! 

Our last night in Kuta meant our last night in Asia. It was Thanksgiving, and I could not be more grateful for all of the amazing experiences we've had on this trip and for all the amazing people we met along the way. I was also especially thankful for having known one particular person.. who passed away around this time two years back.. He had a house in Bali, and I vividly remember his eyes glimmering whenever he mentioned how much he loved it. With a salty tear joining its brothers on the shore, we had one last surf session before heading to the airport. The sun was setting into the ocean with a bright orange glare and I couldn't believe it. It's time to return to the US, and soon it'll be time to start the new chapter in this book of life.