LA & Reverse Culture Shock

We're back in the US and I could not feel more counter-culture-shocked! I miss not understanding signs and having to find my way around without my phone or uber. I miss having to convert currencies and having to learn a new "thank you" and a new "cheers!". There's no denying it, I'm already missing Asia, but looking ahead, the road looks pretty good! After a few days in LA and a few in SF, we head back home to Puerto Rico! There's a lot of exciting things happening there and I'm looking forward to getting our own place. But for now, I'll continue dreaming of Khao Soi and Pad Thai for breakfast.

I had been to LA before, and to be honest, I had a good time.. but I never saw myself living here. This time around however, I've opened my mind to the idea and I'm no longer opposed to it! Strolling around Venice, getting some work done in the coffee shops down Abbot Kinney Blvd, and partying in Silver Lake, I started to feel like I finally *get it*. It's still a pain to sit in traffic all the time, but overall, it's a pretty sweet place to live.

We were WELL taken care of, with friends from high school and college left and right offering their space and schedules to accommodate us! Once again, feeling very lucky to have such good friends. Fernando and Braden gave us a couch and showed us WeHo (that means West Hollywood of COURSE..), Francesca took us on a hike to see the Hollywood sign, accompanied us to oogle at the hot bods down by Sta Monica / Venice (where we met another HS friend Regina!), and urged us groovy on over to Davey Wayne's awesomeness. Then Tito showed us K-town, Bruno and Augusto showed us downtown, and Modesto and Sam showed us Silver Lake and Echo Park! I think I got a pretty good idea of what LA is like, and I'm down to come back and explore s'more soon.