Split, Croatia

The first thing we noticed upon arriving in Split is that people there love to bathe in the beaches at night. A bit of a strange tradition, but I like it! Split has a really beautiful historical center and it’s where some Game of Thrones scenes were filmed. And of course, we found a cool hidden jazz-wine bar in the midst of all the neon lights and mainstream clubs (check it out: Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis). After we got a few drinks in us, we jumped right in the water with all the locals, and swam straight to a floating bouncy castle! What a great night!

In Split we sort of hit a bump in the road (quite literally) when Marine’s car got a flat tire. No biggie, 5 euros go a LONG way in Croatia and before we knew it, we were heading off to the National Park Krka! The park was so beautiful with waterfalls so romantic, they ooze with poetry! After a few hours of fun in the park, the winds start picking up and the clouds start to settle in. Guess what? A HUGE STORM just showed up out of nowhere, completely uninvited and with an attitude problem. We scrambled our stuff together and hid in a souvenir shop. The boats heading back were too packed so we stayed in this crammed shop with about 50 other tourists and had a picnic! Hell, a little rain won’t put our spirits down! We shared some chips and wine with the family siting next to us while our friend went out to check on the situation and walkie-talkied us the updates. Everyone in the shop was happy to get the lo-down on the boats and we were all able to get back without barely getting a drop on us. haHA! The power of the walkie-talkie!