Velles, France

Conveniently in the area, we decided to pop by Velles to visit some friends for a birthday party. The party’s theme?: “Your mother wouldn’t let you go out like this". Fake tats and piercings filled the farm house patio that night as we danced and drank tequila under the stars. The next day we were shown around the family property. Casually, this includes a series of CASTLES, acres of fields, a lake, and a forest where they hunt twice a year in a big event that the family organizes. Our new friends Marie, Raoul, and their mother were the best hosts anyone could ever ask for. Their grandmother lives next door (in one of the family castles) and I swear her house feels like you just stepped into the game “CLUE” because each room has its own theme, dictated by the wallpaper. IT EVEN HAS A SECRET PASSAGEWAY that leads to the study... I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Seriously, Wes Anderson should use this house in one of his movies. Unfortunately, I was to scared of coming off as rude and didn’t manage to take any photos in there! I’ll have to return! You might be able to check it out too if you ever choose to do the “Camino de Santiago de Compostela”. The grandmother is so cool, she offers housing for travellers passing through on the pilgrimage walk.