We would like to extend an offer

You’re creative, driven, and passionate just like us! We clearly belong together.


Why you are a perfect fit

We look for driven people who demonstrate initiative to take the company to the next level. You share the values we take pride to have at HIYO DESIGN.It’s not easy to find talented people with a passion to find a true work-life balance. We trust that you will strive as a part of this team, learning something new everyday and working to become bigger and greater together.


Suggested Schedule:

1pm-5pm EST

No work on Fridays, weekends
or Major Holidays!*

* We might ask you to help us out with something on a Friday, Weekend or Holiday if it’s really urgent, just know you are not expected to help and can say no. Major Holidays: New Year’s Day, MLK Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Unlimited “sick days”

As a contractor (not an employee) you’re free to take as many sick days as you need. just please let us know so we can accommodate any allocated work hours and make sure everything gets done.


Client projects:
Paid on a project-to-project basis as negotiated with our various clients.

Internal projects:
Unpaid (unfortunately we don’t have a budget for this at the moment, but these projects are a great way to grow your skillset, learn about running a business and are great additions to your resumé)

If we love working with you, you can expect to grow with the company and maybe even get a bonus at the end of the year!

Extra perks: Access to HIYO events, networking opportunities, mentorship from our leadership team, and access to HIYO design library& marketing tools.


Welcome to freelance freedom:

Work from anywhere in
the world!

Just make sure you have reliable WIFI and a working computer.

There’s no long-term commitment & you’ll get time to work onpersonal projects. A schedule is suggested, but we encourage you to work whenever & wherever you feel most productive. Just let us know if you’d like us to rethink your schedule.


Please note: Since we’ll be working under an Independent Contractor Agreement, we’re not allowed to give you healthcare benefits or pay for your computer, work phone or co-working space. Please make sure you take care of these items as they are super important!